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How to
Register a Company

Company Name Reservation Forms and Documents Online

Quick company incorporation applications

From 1 May 2011 the 2008 Companies Act came into effect. From this date you can only register a new company.

How to register a company number online and what are the costs

Just follow our easy online registration process for registering a company. The cost is only R 975 and includes:



What forms and documents are required to register a company name online in South Africa

After completion and submission of the company registration application on our website, you will receive a confirmation email with further details.

Please use the reference number provided when making payment and in all correspondence to us.

As soon as we receive proof of payment, your company names will be submitted for reservation. The first available name will be reserved by the Companies Commission. While the name reservation is in process with them we will send you a directors form to sign. This original signed form must be send back to us with certified copies of all directors ID’s (certified copies of ID’s must not be older than 2 months).

Note: We cannot proceed your company without these documents, so send these as soon as possible to speed up your registration process at the Registrar.

How long will the company registration process take

This all depends on the workload at the Companies Commission, and is dependant on their timeline. All company registration applications are processed on a first come first serve basis. As registration times changes often, best will be to contact us on 086 127 3727 for more information.

Can a foreigner be a director of a company

Yes, any foreigner can be a director of a company in South Africa. The information required for a foreigner to be a director of a company will be send to you once the business name has been submitted for reservation. An affidavit must be done at any police station in South Africa. It is also a requirement that the registered address of the company be in South Africa.

Are there any other costs involved

No, we do not charge any additional costs for the company registration if we receive all the documents required on time and our name reservation guideline followed as per the link below.

How long will my name reservation take

Generally this only takes a few days depending on the workload at the Companies Commission (Cipc).

Do you register nationally

Yes, if your business is in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth or any other city or town we can assist you. Just follow the company registration process. Final registration documents will be emailed to you. This can then be used to open bank accounts and to apply for TAX, VAT PAYE, UIF, BEE EME Certificates, etc.

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Doing Business in South Africa

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Selecting your business entity and proceed with the application:

How to Start a Business in South Africa

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Send us the signed form and certified copies of director’s ID’s

We finalize your business registration with the Companies Commission

We email you the business incorporation documentation

Apply online and make payment


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