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South African Company Registrations
  • Reserve a Company Name

    - a reserved company name will be valid for 6 months and will expire thereafter, if not used.
    - during the 6 months period the reserved name can be used to register a new company.
    - company name reservation cost is R350


  • Company Names

    The first available name will be reserved

  • Does any proposed name :

    1. include any word in a language that is not in an official SA language?
    2. fall in a category names restricted in terms of the companies act?
    3. refer to a similar name of another company, close corporation, etc?
    4. include any word, number or element that constitutes a trade mark?
    5. include any other mark or registered mark or a filed application in SA?

  • Website T&Cs apply

  • Should be Empty:

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