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Quick company incorporation applications

From 1 May 2011 the 2008 Companies Act came into effect and no Close Corporations may be registered, only companies.

How to register a company number online and what are the costs

Just follow our easy online registration process on how to register a company. The cost is only R 995 which will include:

1. the company / business name reservation and

2. the registration number and documents for the company / business.
3. The SARS income tax number for the business

To register a company in 3 easy steps - click here

What forms and documents are required to reserve a company name online in South Africa

After completion and submission of the company registration application on our website you will receive a confirmation email with payment details.

Please use the reference number provided when making payment and in all correspondence to us.

As soon as we receive proof of payment, your company names will be submitted for reservation, which can take a few days. The first available name will be reserved by the Companies Commission (Cipc). During the name reservation process, we’ll also email you a POA to be signed by all directors of the company. The signed forms must be emailed back to us with certified copies of all directors and incorporators ID’s (please note that the certified copies of ID’s must not be older than 2 months).

We cannot proceed and start a business registration without these documents, so please send these to us as soon as possible to speed up your registration.

How long will the business registration process take

This all depends on the workload at the Cipc and as per their timeframe. All Cipc company registrations are processed on a first come first serve basis and as the registration time changes often, best will be to contact us on 086 127 3727 for more information in this regard.

Can a foreigner be a director

Yes, any foreigner can be a director of a company in South Africa. The document required for a foreigner to be a director will be emailed to you as soon as the business names have been submitted for reservation. An affidavit must be signed and stamped at any police station in South Africa. The affidavit format will be emailed to you. It is also a requirement that the registered address of the business must be in South Africa.

Are there any other costs involved

No, we do not charge any additional costs for a Pty Company Registration. Also we will submit up to three times the company name reservation at no additional cost, should your business names be declined for being in comparative with other existing businesses.

How long will my business name reservation take

Generally this only takes a few days, but sometimes it can take little bit longer at the Companies Commission (Cipc) due to workload at their office.

Do you register businesses nationally

Yes, if your business is in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth or any other city or town we can assist you. Need to know how to start a company registration, then simply follow the online Business Registrations tab and refer to the confirmation email send to you upon submission. As soon as the registration is finalized the documents will be available to download for opening of a business bank account.

For business reservation tips click here




How to Register a Company in South Africa

Tips for your business name - click here

For profit and non-profit company types - click here

Selecting your business type and proceed with the application:

How to Start a Company in SA


Email us the signed form and certified copies of director’s ID’s

We finalize your business registration with the CIpc

We email you the business incorporation documentation

Apply online and make payment


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Imports and exports are goods arriving in and leaving the country. Before any goods can be imported or exported to another country, a number of things need to be in place. If you want to perform any customs related activities, the SARS may require that you register with them and/or obtain a license importers or exporters licence.

In order for SARS customs to ensure compliance with national legislation, an importer must declare to customs what they have brought into the country, the mode of transport and value. If goods arrive in the country via the post, a different process is followed.

Let us assist you to obtain your import or Export Licence Permit with SARS in a quick and easy way.

Click here to apply online. Complete and submit the easy online application form for your Import Export Licence Permit.

We will submit all documents to SARS on your behalf and process your Import Export Licence quickly.